Famous People With Herpes

What is common between Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Rihanna? Most people would manage a quick reply stating that they are professional singers, apart from being young and famous people. These three glamorous beautiful women have a dark secret, which is common. This secret is that they are Famous People With Herpes and at some point of time in their life they have suffered from the attacks of herpes simplex virus. This amazing truth makes you gather more details about herpes and its different varieties. Below we have just done that for your convenience.What are the different types of herpes virus?

Herpes is caused when one of its viruses affect the skin or the nervous system of the patient. There are basically two types of herpes; oral herpes and genital herpes. The main virus behind the eruption of herpes is the herpes simplex virus. Oral herpes occurs when the herpes simplex virus attacks part of the body like mouth, gums and lips. It can be recognized by the presence of small reddish blisters which are very painful in nature. Kim Kardarshian and Paris Hilton are both celebrities who have suffered from oral herpes. The second variety of herpes is the genital herpes which can be recognized due to the presence of mucus membranes in the genital area. Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey have both suffered from this variety of herpes and can be considered as famous people with herpes. This is a type of STD or sexually transmitted disease.How do you recognize this disease?

The basic problem that most people face is that the early symptoms of the herpes virus cannot be identified easily, even though one out of three adults is affected with it. Below we have identified a few basic symptoms which you can recognize. This would help you to combat the disease in a more effective manner.famous poeple with herpes

•    If you have had sexual intercourse with a person who has suffered from herpes. This becomes more dangerous if the sexual encounter is unprotected in nature. Women are more prone to have genital herpes than men. Thus famous people with herpes like Victoria Beckham is said to have suffered from it.

•    If you are suffering from oral herpes you would see the formation of small blisters in your skin. These blisters itch and burn constantly. Sometimes they are full of puss and frequently they break open causing the pus to come out. The whole area would be very sensitive and burning. You would get blisters within 20 days of your contact with the infected herpes person.

•    In genital herpes you would see these small blisters in your genital area or around the buttocks.

•    One of the common symptoms of herpes is fever accompanied by muscle pain, as the lymph nodes become swollen.

•    Some women face problems in urinating when they suffer from genital herpes. While urinating there might be a burning sensation also.

•    When you get affected by herpes in the eye area, you would be extremely sensitive to light, feel uncomfortable in the eye area and suffer from severe pain. If this condition is not attended immediately, you could suffer from vision problems like blurred vision.How do you prevent yourself from getting it?

Most Famous People With Herpes would have been very happy if they understood earlier, how they could prevent themselves from getting this dreaded diseases. Here these significant points can be undertaken by you. These are:

•    If you are suffering from a blister, where the root cause has not been diagnosed, you can use apply cold compression over it and then apply benzocaine.

•    Once you have suffered from oral herpes, prevent yourself from getting exposed in the sun for long durations. Also manage your stress level well.

•    If you have a medical history of oral herpes do not share your things with anyone, as they might get affected.

•    In case you are pregnant and have been diagnosed with genital herpes you need to contact your doctor. The doctor would offer solutions which would protect your child from it.