How can you get infected with herpesFamous People With HerpesHerpes Symptoms And How is herpes diagnosed?

How can you get infected with herpes

Herpes is highly contagious. Here is a list of possibilities to get infected with herpes. Direct contact – Close contact with an infected area of a person’s skin: Sex does not have to occur. You could simply be ‘spooning’ naked with an infected individual and still contract the herpes virus

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Famous People With Herpes

What is common between Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Rihanna? Most people would manage a quick reply stating that they are professional singers, apart from being young and famous people. These three glamorous beautiful women have a dark secret, which is common.

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Herpes Symptoms And How is herpes diagnosed?

The incubation period (or the time it takes from first exposure of the herpes virus to the time you show signs and symptoms) is 2-14 days with the average being 4 days. Outbreak: The sudden appearance of herpes lesions Recurrence: Any subsequent reappearance of herpes lesions after a sufferers initial outbreak Viral shedding

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